Project 1

I am a Guardian personality, a musical, naturalistic ‘mathematician’ intellectual, and I am a visual and kinesthetic learner.  I agree with the assessment that I am a Guardian personality because I do believe in maintaining a well-kept and neat persona. I also can understand how most Guardians are practical and down-to-earth. As far as my intelligence, I would agree that I am both musical and naturalistic, but found it odd that I was considered ‘mathematical’. I would have thought, according to my subject of choice, that I would be much more interpersonal. However, I can see the similarities between a mathematician and a historian; we both deal in fact and evidence. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly agree that I am a visual and kinesthetic learner. I love to use my five senses in the realm of education, which is why I see myself as both a hands-on teacher as well as a teacher that loves videos, depictions, etc.

While I consider myself slightly introverted, I feel as though I shine when I am in a classroom, particularly if it is a history class. I substitute now and if you asked the students, one of the first adjectives used to describe me would be ‘direct’. I do not like delaying what needs to be said simply because feelings may get hurt. If a student is acting up in class, I address it, make promises about what will happen if it continues, and move on with class. I have no fear in dealing with issues myself or by sending to the principals office. One of the challenges of substituting is that a lesson plan is not always ‘enjoyable’ for students. It may not even be necessary; it is just something for them to do. The way that I learn is by visual aids. It is especially beneficial in history to be able to watch videos about the Revolutionary War and be able to put yourself in the period. I also believe in quality of work, not quantity. I think my kinesthetic side comes out in that because I hate ‘busy work’, but I love conversations that make a class think.

My strengths as a teacher could be that I am a very logical person, which is both beneficial to the student and to the administration. My greatest pet peeve is when a student is hindering another student from learning. That student is dealt with promptly and without mercy. It helps the learning student stay on task and without distraction and it also helps the administration to identify its ‘troubled’ students. On the other hand, that can be overly critical sometimes. I can sometimes disregard the home life and issues that the ‘troubled’ student may have and simply say that there is no excuse, but in some cases, there are excuses. And if I am causing that student greater pain by making an example out of them in class, it is very hard for me to comprehend how my role in their life was that of the antagonist.

I first need to accept that not everyone is a visual or kinesthetic learner. Once I do that, it makes it all so much easier. I have substituted for students that all they need to learn is the textbook and a question sheet. They finish within half the class period and retain the information extremely well. I consider myself a decent public speaker, but I am more prone to discussion rather than lecture. Some students get lost in the conversation and would rather just be told the information by an oral lecture or Powerpoint presentation. If I ‘pigeon-hole’ myself into one type of teaching style and I do so because it is what I like, then I have no business becoming a teacher if I can not meet the students where they are and start from there.


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